Get ready to learn more about the Circular Economy!

We are about to offer a wide range of coursesĀ  – many of them free – covering a wide range of aspects of the circular economy.

  • The Basics of the circular economy (Please attend this 11 minute training before the others)
  • The chemistry of the circular economy
  • The Biology of the circular economy
  • Taxes, environmental fees and the circular economy
  • The business opportunities of the circular economy
  • Environmental Fiscal Reform – for policy makers
  • Accounting for circularity. From book-keeping to environmental reporting
  • Logistic, supply chains
  • Fossil fuel risks and how to use the circular economy to mitigate them
  • Creating employment and new jobs with circular economy

Whether you are well versed in biology but a beginner in economics or visa-versa, we will have something for you.

We ask everyone to start from the beginning, our basic course lays the groundwork for the coming studies.

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