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Money in the circular economy Free
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Money in the circular economy

2018-05-25 / 1 Comment

An introduction to Money in the Circular Economy for policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists primarily targeted at those interested in economic policy and sustainability.
How the money system works – the basics.
Three places the monetary system and the circular materials economy intersect.
For firms, the four areas you need to keep under review.
For policy makers, two major lessons for policy.

Basics of the Circular economy Free
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Basics of the Circular economy

2018-05-07 / 2 Comments

The course  gives you the absolute basics of what you need to know to prepare your own or customers businesses for coming tightening environmental legislation and raw material shortages. Be ahead of the rules and discover new ways to improve profits!

The Two cycles
The Four spheres as the source of materials
Three essential elements
Seven exit/entry points to be in control over