Basics of the Circular economy

Circular Economy Training

MAIN THEME: The Basics of the Circular Economy
LEVEL: Starting out

FOR YOU WHO: are entrepreneurs, policy makers, accountants


The essentials of the circular economy:

  • Two cycles
  • Four spheres
  • Three elements
  • Seven exit/entry points

The course  gives you the absolute basics of what you need to know to prepare your own or customers businesses for coming tightening legislation and raw material shortages. Be ahead of the rules and discover new ways to improve profits!

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons Time: 30 minutes


Stephen Hinton has a long background in environment, sustainability and circular economy. His passion for teaching comes from his early career as a science teacher and then management trainer. After spending many years in industry Stephen started his own sustainability consulting firm. At the same time, as board member of JAK bank and then the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation Stephen has explored how the financial system impacts our opportunities to create a sustainable society.


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    Johan Brändström

    Fundamentals of business

    A great introduction to circular economy. It changed the way I think about business!
  • staff

    Great overview!

    This got me fired up about the circular economy! So much knowledge in in such a short time!

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