Money in the circular economy

Money in the Circular Economy

MAIN THEME: Money in the Circular Economy – an introduction

FOR YOU WHO ARE: policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists.


The essentials of money in the  circular economy:

  • How the money system works – the basics
  • Three places the monetary system and the circular materials economy intersect
  • For firms, the four areas you need to keep under review
  • For policy makers, two major lessons for policy

WHY JOIN?  The video gives you an introduction to the money system. It will help prepare businesses for coming tightening legislation and raw material shortages. However, it is primarily targeted at those interested in economic policy and sustainability.

LENGTH: Just under 20 minutes

HOW TO PREPARE: Watch the  introductory course ( 10 minutes) to the circular economy first (strongly recommended).

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons Time: 4 hours


Stephen Hinton has a long background in environment, sustainability and circular economy. His passion for teaching comes from his early career as a science teacher and then management trainer. After spending many years in industry Stephen started his own sustainability consulting firm. At the same time, as board member of JAK bank and then the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation Stephen has explored how the financial system impacts our opportunities to create a sustainable society.


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    Johan Brändström

    Basics of money flow

    A course filled with new interesting concepts.

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  • The Biology of the circular economy
  • Taxes, environmental fees and the circular economy
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  • Environmental Fiscal Reform – for policy makers
  • Accounting for circularity. From book-keeping to environmental reporting
  • Logistic, supply chains
  • Fossil fuel risks and how to use the circular economy to mitigate them
  • Creating employment and new jobs with circular economy